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bill gates Linux

 The response I got to a simple
 request for an DOS or Windows
 based "SETUP.EXE" program which
 loads Linux onto my hard drive,
 would lead me to thick I was asking
 for the combination to Fort Knox.
 Consider two computers one with
 Windows and the other with Linux.
 They only differ in that the machine
 code written on the respective hard
 drives is diferent.I am certain that
 a simple file copying "setup.exe" 
 program can move all code from a 
 CD-rom  onto ones hard drive.
 And the next time the machine is 
 started an option page can allow
 the user to select either Windows
 or Linux.
 The Linux "kernal" can't be so 
 foreign a language that it can be
 copied ??? All code that the computer
 uses must come from a bios chip
 or the hard drive not from outer space.
 I am trying to avoid the problem which
 I have of needing a degree in Rocket
 Science to even see anything on my
 computer which originates from the
 blessed Linus "kernal". Who in this
 world can actually read hexadecimal
 code anyway.

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