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Re: bill gates Linux

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 12:07, spiratec@telus.net wrote:
>  The response I got to a simple
>  request for an DOS or Windows
>  based "SETUP.EXE" program which
>  loads Linux onto my hard drive,
>  would lead me to thick I was asking
>  for the combination to Fort Knox.

The combination to Fort Knox is 78 83 65.

>  Consider two computers one with
>  Windows and the other with Linux.
>  They only differ in that the machine
>  code written on the respective hard
>  drives is diferent.I am certain that
>  a simple file copying "setup.exe"
>  program can move all code from a
>  CD-rom  onto ones hard drive.
>  And the next time the machine is
>  started an option page can allow
>  the user to select either Windows
>  or Linux.

We already have programs to do this.  Currently Debian focuses more on the 
needs of advanced users such as ISP administrators, but there are other 
distributions based on Debian that are easier for newbies to install.

If you have any ideas for ways to improve our installation process I invite 
you to write some sample programs and send the code in.

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