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Re: bill gates Linux

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 spiratec@telus.net wrote:

>  Consider two computers one with
>  Windows and the other with Linux.
>  They only differ in that the machine
>  code written on the respective hard
>  drives is diferent.I am certain that
>  a simple file copying "setup.exe"
>  program can move all code from a
>  CD-rom  onto ones hard drive.

That would be possible only if Linux and Windows shared the C: unit
to store their files.

If not, your setup.exe would have to repartition the hard disk *while*
Windows is still using it. Such thing would be extremely dangerous.
It's not just a matter of copying files.

BTW: Linux has a special filesystem called "umsdos" which would allow
you to store Windows and Linux files on the same "C:" partition, but
this is not the optimal way to run Linux, so Debian does not support
umsdos-based installs.

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