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Re: bill gates Linux

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 spiratec@telus.net wrote:

>  The response I got to a simple
>  request for an DOS or Windows
>  based "SETUP.EXE" program which
>  loads Linux onto my hard drive,

What you want is not a technical problem. So now, that you know it's
feasible you have at least the following alternatives:

1) You go and implement it -> "Go spiratec, go!!" We're all happy to see
   you do it.
2) You wait untill it happens, maybe by trolling around here and there.
3) You let someone else do it for free or for pay. We're a small company
   and would happily accept such a job, like there are many others I'm
   sure here that would be willing to do it.

Btw. here is a SETUP.BAT that does what you need:

rem Installation program for Linux
echo Linux has been installed. Please insert the Debian Install CD into
echo your CD drive now and reboot to complete the Linux installation.

I'm serious. That's the cycle that many "SETUP.EXE"s will provide you
with. I certain the installation could be refined a bit to ask you
"Do you want to reboot now?" and reboot automatically.

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