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Re: DAM approval wait time?

Jim Lynch <jwl@debian.org> writes:

> On Thu, 28 Nov 2002 11:58:38 +1100
> Andrew Lau <netsnipe@debianplanet.org> wrote:

> > I was referring to your own post to my "DAM approval wait time"
> > outburst. Before this email, I had made some attempt at contributing
> > to the discussion with two posts in the little free time I have.
> Unless you think it's actually useful, perhaps you shouldn't start
> a thread you know you can't participate in. If you're not even willing
> to read from it, I continue to question your maturity.

If he thinks there is an urgent matter, and then he drowns in exam
stress, why is that a sign of immaturity? The thread will only
survive if other people are interested enough to keep it going, and it
may have important results no matter whether the original poster
participates in it or not.

> Funny how you don't mention the good
> things I have said about your potential. I don't think you read the whole
> posts I make, just as much as I don't believe you don't read the replies
> to posts made to your original post about Gentoo.

I fail to see why he should pick up the good things in your
posts. Overall they are arrogant and belittling, and throwing in some
nice patronizing sugar is just a standard trick of rhetoric.

> > You have no right to judge me
> Actually, all developers gained that right when you submitted your app.
> If you didn't want to be subjected to scrutiny, you shouldn't have 
> applied. It's as simple as that. If you think you're not in good company
> with you not being approved yet, GO LOOK AT THE NEW MAINT LIST; you will 
> find Richard M. Stallman's app. Fact is, you're actually FURTHER than him
> in the new maint process; he's stuck for some reason.
> In fact, you seem to be in... your AM has approved you...

Of course new maintainers are subject to scrutiny but what you are
doing here is some kind of public humiliation, that is completely
different. Funny that you criticized Andrew Suffield for insulting
other people on the list. Should I start publicly pounding on you
because you have an open bug of severity "important" on which you have
not commented since April? I think that would be bad style, like
mentioning that the last 3 uploads of said package were NMUs... Do you
really want _that_ kind of scrutiny on debian-devel?

So please, move this to private mail or, even better, to /dev/null.


P.S.: I really mean that you should orphan or RFA packages for which
you have no time/interest anymore.

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