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location of UnicodeData.txt

I am developping a (simple) application that needs to have
UnicodeData.txt file available. Of course there are more applications
that need this file. So far I found these two:
perl-modules: /usr/share/perl/5.8.0/unicore/UnicodeData.txt 
console-data: /usr/share/unidata/UnicodeData-2.1.8.txt (way obsolete)

I was thinking about putting the file into something like
/usr/share/unidata (probably with more files, those from
Moreover, my application can use the file even if it is gzipped,
which is obviously desirable.

What are your opinions about this? I would rather not want
to Depend: on perl-modules (it is a python application :-)),
but duplicating /usr/share/perl/5.8.0/unicore/UnicodeData.txt
seems a waste of diskspace and bandwidth, and messing up
with symlinks in postinst I like even less.

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