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Pick a name, any name...

  Hi all,

  As some of you probably know, some people are in the process of
installing a Sourceforge site on a Debian machine.  It will consist of
a slightly patched version of the 2.6 branch of the Debian package
"sourceforge", with a few scripts to help integration with existing
infrastructure (existing accounts and groups should be preserved, for

  The code is almost ready, the server itself should be OK soon (if
not already), and Wichert and I even managed to find a time where both
of us can be on the same IRC network at the same time.

  Now for the *real* important debate: how to call it?

Current candidates include:

- Loana: Stays in the line of the female names for Debian software,
  but it reminds French people of a very archetypic blonde in a French
  TV show of the like of Big Brother.  It's a bit controversial on

- Actarus: Actarus is the pilot of Goldorak/Grendizer/what's it called
  in your language.  No particular reason except that it was a very
  famous cartoon here in France some ten-fifteen years ago.  Alcor is
  another name in that series.

- Alioth: This one I really like.  It's the capital system of the
  Alliance of Independent Systems in the Elite/Frontier/First
  Encounters video games.  I initially thought about Achenar or
  Vequess, but they were not particularly adequate (they're
  respectively the capital system and the slave pit of the evil

- Another idea I had was something along the lines of Debsmith or
  Iansmith, to keep both the idea of Debian and the idea of the forge.
  Unfortunately, plenty of people are called that way.  Any idea to
  improve that line is welcome.  Maybe just smith.debian.org would be
  enough (and I'll bet we can find a music composer named Smith if we
  look hard enough).

- Various other ideas: ker (means "house" in Breton), gargamel (the
  sorcerer in the forest in the Smurfs comics), canard (Guillaume
  Morin really wants his nickname to be in that list, someone please
  kick him in the nuts or roast him -- means "duck" in French).

- Your idea here.

  Now is the time to debate and argue.  There's no guarantee we'll
pick what the crowd wants, but good names will be considered :-)

Roland Mas

A lesson for you all: never fall in love during a total eclipse.
  -- Senex, in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

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