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Re: Pick a name, any name...

#include <hallo.h>
* Roland Mas [Wed, Nov 27 2002, 11:03:58AM]:

>   The code is almost ready, the server itself should be OK soon (if
> not already), and Wichert and I even managed to find a time where both
> of us can be on the same IRC network at the same time.
>   Now for the *real* important debate: how to call it?

Please make a name that is _short_. I thinkg sf.debian.org is
self-explaining, since people are used to take it as abbreaviation for
sourceforge (as sf.net).

Eingedeutschte Fehlermeldungen sind doch etwas 
schoenes: "Kein Weltraum links auf dem Geraet" 

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