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Re: Pick a name, any name...


On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 11:03:58AM +0100, Roland Mas wrote:

>   Hi all,
>   As some of you probably know, some people are in the process of
> installing a Sourceforge site on a Debian machine.  It will consist of
> a slightly patched version of the 2.6 branch of the Debian package
> "sourceforge", with a few scripts to help integration with existing
> infrastructure (existing accounts and groups should be preserved, for
> instance).
>   The code is almost ready, the server itself should be OK soon (if
> not already), and Wichert and I even managed to find a time where both
> of us can be on the same IRC network at the same time.
>   Now for the *real* important debate: how to call it?

What about Avalon? Both a composer (well, hmm) and the place where
Excalibur was forged.



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