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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Jon Kent wrote:
> what I'm trying to point out is that 4.2 is not in stable and,
> currently, will no tbe in stable for a year or more. 

It takes time for software to become known stable. [Or at least
semi-stable.] If woody had waited for 4.2 to become stable it
(probably) still wouldn't have been released, even now.

> Thats not good.  I think 2.2 is still the default kernel in 3.0 (I
> could be wrong) and so on.

Thats because 2.2 is known to be stable, and at the time bf were
started, 2.4 was still having some questionable issues with its

> Sure I can grab this stuff from testing but I need it in stable in
> order for me to use in in a production system. 

Again, stable software takes time to become known as stable. Serious
bugs aren't easy to find. [Hell, I just spent the past 4 hours
tracking down a nasty bug in DBD::Pg with mod_perl in stable, that I
only now triggered with my production code.]

If you need the stability, you sacrifice the newer features. If you
have to have the newer features, you rebuild newer debs against the
stable distribution, or use unofficial sources.

> Debian will become an also-ran akin to Slackware if things do _not_
> change.

Huh? Market dominance is nice if your selling a product, but it isn't
one of Debian's goals, and it certainly isn't one of mine. [Who
exactly are we competing against?]

Don Armstrong

I leave the show floor, but not before a pack of caffeinated Jolt gum
is thrust at me by a hyperactive girl screaming, "Chew more! Do more!"
The American will to consume more and produce more personified in a
stick of gum. I grab it. -- Chad Dickerson


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