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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

#include <hallo.h>
* Jim Lynch [Mon, Nov 25 2002, 09:54:10AM]:

> > What we need to accept is there is a (percieved??)
> > problem, or problems, with Debian as it stands today,
> > these being (mainly)
> > 
> > Hard to install (rubbish obviously)
> Nono, this is true, and primarily due to boot-floppies. One problem is

Are you kidding? He compares the Gentoo cludge (manuall bootstrapping)
with semi-intelligent boot-floppies setup.

> that it's quite difficult to work on boot floppies and then get
> everything uptodate on the image and everything pointing right, etc.

What? What do you mean? When did you install Debian the last time, in
Slink days?

> It's also difficult to build.

Compared to which alternative?

> debian-installer is much easier to build, is modular and also decouples

FUD. Go and try first. From scratch!

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