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Are we losing users to Gentoo?


Another thing I must say is that I object in the
highest order some the mail sent out regarding this
topic which basically say good riddance to the users
who have switch to Gentoo as they caused loads
problems etc etc.  This is short sighted and I hope
the people (idiots??) who said this have no leadership
real role within the Debian developer community.

What we need to accept is there is a (percieved??)
problem, or problems, with Debian as it stands today,
these being (mainly)

Hard to install (rubbish obviously)
Out of date (this _is_ true)
Slow to update (this _is_ true)
Hard to configure (depends upon your view-point)

The reasons I see people switch to Gentoo are :

Its more fun
Alot more up to date
Easier to customise, down to which libraries you want
to  support

Gentoo is still hard to configure if you are only used
to Red Hat or Mandrake, easy if you used to Debian,
Slackware etc.

IMHO Debian is too slow to put out new releases.  I
run testing to ages with no problems, ever.  Sure on
my unstable box things went south at times but I
expect that and can fix it, but testing is very solid,
as solid as, say, Red Hat.

I'm tempted to say that Debian has gotten too big, has
too many bosses (to coin a phrase) and is hampered at
times by its own policy.

I've been using Debian for years and have seen it
grown alot over time.  However, it seems to me that
the only _big_ thing Debian has on its side these days
is dpkg/apt.  Everything else is out of date, a
nightmare to setup and, to be honest, not fun anymore.
 I want this to change, but to achieve that I think
big changes are required from the ground up otherwise
Debian _will_ go the way of Slackware.

That all said, it will be interesting to see how
Gentoo copes when it gets larger.  I think it will
cope better than we have purely because it source only
and that makes life slightly easier.  We'll have to

My pennys worth


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