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Re: debian-installer status 2002-11-22

* Samuli Suonpaa 

| Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@debian.org> writes:
| > EVMS support has been added.. I played with it a little, but it was
| > broken because it was compiled with readline support, while no
| > readline libraries were in the archive.  I've just played around with
| > it a bit more, and it looks like it needs some more work before it
| > will work properly, but EVMS sure looks promising.
| Are you aware of the fact that EVMS will not be included in Linux
| kernel?

Why would I care? :)

Debian-installer is modular.  Adding evms support means using an evms
enabled kernel, then running evms instead of fdisk + mkfs.

| Please consider using LVM2/DM instead.

Nobody has cared enough to begin implementing support for those.

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