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Re: Discussion - non-free software removal

Kevin Rosenberg writes ("Re: Discussion - non-free software removal"):
> Nonetheless, I'm still not swayed. I think having people implement and
> support an alternate approach to non-free support that works as well
> as the current system is a large expenditure with, in comparison, a
> small return.

However, that effort will not come from committed free software
developers, while much of the maintenance effort for our current
infrastructure does.

Let me look at it another way: I'd be inclined to remove non-free from
the ftp archives, BTS, etc., even if no plausible alternative could be

This is just like using the GPL instead of the LGPL: although the
direct cost of a weaker licence is minimal, it is often both right and
wise to avoid helping proprietary and a-little-bit-free software.
Doing so focuses the mind, and prevents freeloading.


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