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Re: Discussion - non-free software removal

John Goerzen writes ("Re: Discussion - non-free software removal"):
> [There] are only two possible correct stances regarding clause 1 of the
> Social Contract:
> 1. That Debian does not contain, nor has it ever contained, non-free
> software; or:
> 2. That Debian has been in material breach of its own Social Contract for
> years.

Of course, actually, the social contract is a fudge - specifically
about this issue it is inherently contradictory.  How can the document
say simultaneously that Debian does not include non-free software but
that Debian distributes non-free software ?

It's just a classic case of all things to all people - or,
alternatively, if you want to take a more radical view, of paying lip
service to the free software goals while satisfying the adherents of


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