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Re: Discussion - non-free software removal

John Goerzen wrote:
> 1. I have faith in the ability of the large numbers of non-free software
> supporters to find a workable alternative by the time of our next release
> that will not cause serious detriment to our users.

I agree with you.

> 2. I believe that there are several possible options for that.  Each one has
> its own pros and cons.  I've advanced two: putting more installers into
> contrib, and setting up an archive outside of Debian.  Each option I've
> advanced has its pros and cons, surely.  People have not hesitated to point
> out the cons :-)  I suspect there are other options, too.

I agree completely.

> 3. In the end, people will find something that works.  I don't want the GR

I again agree with your thinking.

Nonetheless, I'm still not swayed. I think having people implement and
support an alternate approach to non-free support that works as well
as the current system is a large expenditure with, in comparison, a
small return.

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