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Re: Migration of non-free packages to testing

> A lot of driver software isn't even licensed such that we can distribute
> in non-free.  Consider the Matrox proprietary XFree86 drivers, various
> softmodem drivers like Lucent's[1], etc.
> So, does continuing to distribute the non-free archive mean that we can
> proudly delcare that Debian GNU/Linux Will Support Your Hardware?

However, some are.

DFSG requires that software to be modifiable, and distributed 
with full source, and even be resellable.
That might be too-high a hurdle for hardware vendors to 
go over.

We have hardware vendors who did allow redistribution in
Debian "non-free" terms, although they could not do the
redistribution in a DFSG compliant manner. I consider this point 
to be rather notable.


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