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Re: Why are modules and modules.conf not versioned?

Previously Eric Richardson wrote:
> Okay. I guess modules.conf will provide everything that a person could 
> use. I personally think that this is way harder than other things in 
> Debian.

Personally I happen to disagree with you there.

> Normally the modconf program lets you install modules with options if 
> needed and it just works. This doesn't work across vastly different 
> kernels such as a Woody 2.2.x to 2.4.x upgrade or custom kernels that 
> have different module requirements perhap because some are build in if 
> you want to boot to different kernels.

Different module requirements should not be a problem. Information for
modules that are not build or used is simply ignored.

> Is it possible that this should be changed somehow since the kernels
> are so modular or is kernel experimentation just for people who want
> to hand tweak the modules.conf file?

I change kernels frequently but I haven't modified modules.conf in over
a year..

> Is it really just not required to build custom kernels now-a-days? Sorry 
> for the prodding but I just hate when things are hard.

It shouldn't be needed generally.


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