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Re: Why are modules and modules.conf not versioned?

Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Eric Richardson wrote:
>> Which file is this in?
> Everything in /etc/modutils. Read the modules.conf(5) manpage.

Okay. I guess modules.conf will provide everything that a person could use. I personally think that this is way harder than other things in Debian. For special cases or difficult cases then okay but for normal cases I think this is too much. For me Debian is appealing as it just works when you install things but this is definitely a weak point IMHO.

Normally the modconf program lets you install modules with options if needed and it just works. This doesn't work across vastly different kernels such as a Woody 2.2.x to 2.4.x upgrade or custom kernels that have different module requirements perhap because some are build in if you want to boot to different kernels. Is it possible that this should be changed somehow since the kernels are so modular or is kernel experimentation just for people who want to hand tweak the modules.conf file?

Is it really just not required to build custom kernels now-a-days? Sorry for the prodding but I just hate when things are hard.


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