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Re: Why are modules and modules.conf not versioned?

Eric Richardson <eric.richardson@milagrosoft.com> wrote:
> The background to this question is based on the fact that different 
> versions of kernels such as 2.2.x and 2.4.x and also different custom 
> kernels have different module requirements therefore switching between 
> them is not seemless in the current system. I currently use woody. 
> Hopefully this message is not totally off base.

There is no real need to version modules.conf or the files in
/etc/modutils/, because

| if `kernelversion` == 2.2
| ...
| elseif `kernelversion` == 2.4
| ...
| endif

works and should work on non-Debian systems, too. You can use `uname
-r` if you have to match the exact version.
           cu andreas

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