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Re: [desktop] Here's a test to find out if users can use your GUI

This is not an attempt to spam anybody, just
start some discussions. I agree that the
information I provide is not new (Hell, it's not
even mine), but I do believe it is helpful.

Most of the discussions on this list are about
whether widgets are useful and whether other
developers like this feature or that feature.

The purported reason for the Desktop subproject
is to make it more user freindly. Nobody is
offering a way to coordinate efforts that will
apply to all applications other than myself.

I'm not saying mine is the only or best way. But
I do think it's, at least, reasonable enough to
start some discussion. Otherwise, this list will
stew in it's own juices and have very few obvious
successes in trying to make this disto suitable
for the masses. 



>Will you stop spamming, already? I've seen the
site, and I think you're
>vastly overstating its relevance to the project.
Not the relevance of
>usability testing general, just your site.
There's nothing new or
>particularly helpful there, if I may be so
blunt. Sorry. There's no
>reason to pester this list three times a week
with your advertising.


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