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Re: [desktop] Here's a test to find out if users can use your GUI

On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 06:11, Robert Watkins wrote:
> I'm not saying mine is the only or best way. But
> I do think it's, at least, reasonable enough to
> start some discussion. Otherwise, this list will
> stew in it's own juices and have very few obvious
> successes in trying to make this disto suitable
> for the masses. 
> Comments?

You might want to subscribe to to gnome usability and desktop-devel
lists. I just lurk around here and there for my own protection since I
run unstable software; my impression is that most of the open source
usability discussions are taking place in the context of gnome
development, and that the debian desktop people are either deeply
involved in gnome development or are deferring to them for the time


First Impressions are Bunk.

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