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Re: Legal Advice for Pennies a day!!

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 04:10:09PM -0500, Jim Penny wrote:
> > > Now, wait a blooming second.  You are misrepresenting yourself in the
> > > email headers as being part of debian.org.  There is no one with last
> > 
> > That'll most likely be murphy seeing an e-mail address with no host part
> > and postpending @murphy.debian.org to it rather than them adding it
> > themselves.
> No, these included three addresses;
> "PrePaid@murphy.debian.org", "Legal@murphy.debian.org",
> "Services@murphy.debian.org, Inc.  <jsearcy@mail.com>".
> I do not see any way murphy could have generated the last one.  Looks
> clearly intentional.

I'm fairly sure it's a result of something on murphy auto-fixing
PrePaid Legal Services, Inc. <jsearcy@mail.com> (notice the comma and lack
of parens).

> I am not a postfix user.  But that seems like a deucedly odd thing to
> do.  What is the rationalle for doing something like this?

IIRC, the SMTP RFCs. Just like Return-path is written by the MTA...

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