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Re: Legal Advice for Pennies a day!!

On Sat, Nov 02, 2002 at 11:00:35PM -0800, PrePaid@murphy.debian.org wrote:

Now, wait a blooming second.  You are misrepresenting yourself in the
email headers as being part of debian.org.  There is no one with last
name searcy listed in this organization.  You may be opening yourself
to a dilution of trademark suit!  In any case, you have no right
whatsoever to represent yourself as being a member of debian.org.

The following is the debian mailing list policy:

  The Debian mailing lists accept commercial advertising for payment. The
  fee for advertisments is a donation of USD 1000 or more to "Software in
  the Public Interest" (SPI). One donation per advertisement, please. If
  you prefer to pay in arrears, simply post your advertisement to the
  list, and the list operator will bill you USD 1999. The list operator
  will donate this amount, minus the expense of collecting it, to SPI.
  Please note that the lists are distributed automatically -- messages are
  generally not read or checked in any way before they are distributed.

  The act of posting an advertisement indicates your willingness to

    * accept responsibility for the fee,
    * indemnify the list operator against any legal claims from you
      or others in connection with your advertisement, and
    * pay any legal and business expenses incurred in collecting
    * late payment. 

	    Our liability to you is limited to a good-faith effort to
	    deliver your message.

	    Reduced rates and/or waiver of fee are available for
	    Debian-related advertisements. You must consult the list
	    operator in advance of posting for any reduction or fee

Consider yourself to be put on notice regarding future violations of
this policy.

Jim Penny

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> If so, please click on the following link for additional information?
> http://www.callsearcy4justice.com
> To be removed from this list email:
> jsearcy@mail.com
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