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Re: A Round of Removals (utah-glx)

Philip Brown <phil@bolthole.com> writes:

> Also, there is the side issue that there are a lot of "broken"
> OpenGL programs out there. utah-glx does not provide all possible
> extensions. However, properly written OpenGL programs are SUPPOSED to
> query for existence of an extension, and work around it if not present.
> Unfortunately, a lot of linux OpenGL progs dont do that, it seems.
> Strictly speaking, utah-glx DOES provide an opengl development environment.
> If you want "provides libgl-dev" to have more meaning than that, then
> please specify that somehow.

Please check again what I said about MESA support. In this case, the
header of libutahglx-dev claims to provide MESA, but in fact it does
not (see #167263). The package is broken at the moment and causes
breakage of other packages when used for building, so something has to
be done about _this_ package, not accusing other programs of not
checking for something.

And for the other matter, it would be nice to have versioned virtual
packages. However, libgl-dev is not even in the official list of
virtual packages, or I am unable to search through that list. In any
case, as long as we don't have versioned virtual packages, we should
try to keep that list of virtual packages more up-to-date and include
any minimum version requirements in that list.

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