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Re: pbuilder automation

At Fri, 1 Nov 2002 11:58:07 +1100,
Brian May wrote:

> > BUILDRESULTUID="1000" #(or whatever you have)
> > BUILDRESULTGID="1000" #(or whatever you have)
> Great!
> I asked about this on debian-devel a while ago, but noone seemed to have
> any ideas that it was possible.
> Is this available on the woody version?

Unfortunately no.
Because this feature was added when you last asked for it in debian-devel :P

> Ideally you should not have to hardcode the UID/GID though, it should be
> taken from the user running the build command...

That could be easy or not easy, because people want all sorts of things.
It really depends, because pbuilder is ran with UID=0 and GID=0 usually.

Ideas on how to do that, is welcome.


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