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Re: A Round of Removals


> >  - libutahglx-dev misses a depencency on xlibs-dev

> and:

> It shouldn't really provide libgl-dev, because every program
> that build depends on libgl-dev seems to fail to build with 
> utah-glx

That is a workaround, specifically *the* workaround we're talking about.
It is definitely not a bug in itself (that's why I didn't list it as a
bug) and no real solution either (because it makes the package useless
for the people who need it, it just avoids breakage in other packages).

Tomas and/or I are going to sponsor an NMU with this workaround since we
see no other option. However the first new bug report this package will
have is a wishlist one to remove the workaround once the problems have
been fixed.


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