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Re: [Internal Projects] Package browser (Was: Debian Color Themes, ...)

Em Wed, 30 Oct 2002 23:43:47 -0400, marco trevisani <marco@centrotemporeale.it>

> Plus i would like to ....lobby :-) in favour of the new Synaptic,
> nice gtk interface, filters and, what i like more for the DeMuDi 
> project, you can now start it directly by calling a specific filter,
> so you can make different start up set up synaptic with all demudi apps, 
> synaptic with all sound debian apps etc....
> So it makes much easier to keep an eye on what is installed and what not 
> and...

I think Synaptic's filter model is quite complex, though... I like the
new Gtk GUI, but I still think there're lots of room for improvement
in usability...

The one I like best is Gnome-APT, which I tried to kept running for
Woody and that now has been adopted by a good C++ developer who's
doing a nice job. I think it's much easier to understand, for the

Anyway, I really think we should agree on 1 default graphical package 
manager to each desktop (KDE and GNOME), which will be installed
by default, according to user's choice on which desktop it wants to

I would vote on gnome-apt for GNOME (but remember it still needs lots
of polishing and work, which the new maintainer is already doing!) and
kpackage for KDE. Which is being removed, though... because it's not
being actively maintained.


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