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Re: Possible MIA: Jules Bean? NMUs for LyX and Balsa?

On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 12:46:19AM +1100, Andrew Lau wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> 	Has anyone seen Jules Bean around? Is he still active? His LyX
> packages are out of date and I'm starting to suspect that he might be
> MIA, since he's not on vacation according to people.d.o.

Yes, I'm around.

It wouldn't be totally unfair to describe me as MIA, but I am not
intending to remain so.

I apologise to all the people whose email I haven't responded to about
Lyx and Balsa.

The situation is this:

LyX: I compiled 1.2.1 a couple of days ago. As of about now, I've put
some prerelease i386 1.2.1 debs up at http://people.debian.org/~jules
for eager beavers. I haven't done any clever version numbering tricks,
if you do install these you'll need to manually force an upgrade to
the real version when I upload it. You'll need the packages from

There are two reasons why I haven't just gone ahead and uploaded.

1. I want this version to go in main, built against xforms 1.0
(LGPL). This hasn't been uploaded yet. (not released yet?)

2. I need to sort out a font issue.  For now, if you want to use the
cool funky font stuff, manually x set fp+ /usr/share/lyx/xfonts.

Balsa: Well, I need to look at it again, you're right. I was hoping my
next version could be a gnome 2 version.

Sorry again for the unreplied emails,


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