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[desktop] webmin or Ximian Setup Tools?

Hi there,

	I read about the Debian Desktop project and I think it's good.
What sounds strange to me is this phrase:

"... The "desktop" flavor could then install webmin."

In my opinion webmin is more useful in a server installation whilst
Ximian-Setup-Tools are best suited for a desktop system.

1. Gives an easy remote access to servers (typical server farm scenario)
2. Eventually there's no need to open other ports (telnet, ssh, ...) for
configuration tasks

Ximian Setup Tools:
1. Coherent desktop interface
2. Don't need to "configure" the configuration system
3. It doesn't imply security risks the user must consider (webserver = 1
more risk not justified in desktop environments because is not required
the user to care about it)

What do think about?


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