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Re: [desktop] webmin or Ximian Setup Tools?

Il gio, 2002-10-31 alle 10:04, Gianluca Sartori ha scritto:
> Hi there,
> 	I read about the Debian Desktop project and I think it's good.
> What sounds strange to me is this phrase:
> "... The "desktop" flavor could then install webmin."
> In my opinion webmin is more useful in a server installation whilst
> Ximian-Setup-Tools are best suited for a desktop system.
> Webmin:
> 1. Gives an easy remote access to servers (typical server farm scenario)
> 2. Eventually there's no need to open other ports (telnet, ssh, ...) for
> configuration tasks
> Ximian Setup Tools:

it is Gnome Setup Tools actually.

Federico Di Gregorio
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