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Re: Bug#167189: ITP: mbrola -- Mbrola is a "free", multilingual (25 languages at the moment) speech synthesis, it is not open source but has a really nice quality and is very important for brlspeak (debian for visual deficient) so we can have a software speech synthesis mode

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 02:27, sebfrance@ifrance.com wrote:

>   Description     : Mbrola is a "free", multilingual (25 languages at the

Ok, you can't put the entire description in the synopsis.  Also, there
are some grammatical and content issues.  Here's my suggestion:

Description: a multilingual speech synthesis system

Mbrola is a high-quality speech synthesis system which currently
supports 25 languages.  It can be used with brlspeak, and is intended to
help visually-deficient Debian users.

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