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Re: I've tested the PGI installer

On Sat, Oct 26, 2002 at 09:38:35PM -0400, jorge o. castro wrote:
> I get the line "Symbios Logic Inc. / NCR 53c9895" right before the DHCP 
> setup, so I guess that means that the card is recognized. The DHCP fails 
> with this "eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device" and 
> "SIOCGIFINDEX failed: No such device"
> then gives me the option for retry/manual/shell.
> Putting in manual settings gets me the same error. I dropped to shell, then 
> looked at /var/log/installer.syslog has "SIOCGIFINDEX failed: No such 
> device" for every time I tried the DHCP.
> The only 2 logs are /var/log/installer.log and /var/log/installer.syslog.

The network card is probably not recognized.  You might want to send
those logs to pgi-users@lists.progeny.com.

This problem might also be fixed in the version of discover-data in sid.
It remains to be seen whether the Stable Release Manager will accept a
new version of discover-data into woody for the sake of recognizing more
hardware.  If an update to discover-data will solve your problem, it
might be worth asking him.  However, updates to make installs work
better aren't security fixes, so he might say "no".

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