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Re: [desktop] Real users experience.

On Sat, 2002-10-26 at 11:32, Richard Braakman wrote:

> This sounds like it might be better solved in another way.  I mean,
> we don't have a multi-user operating system for nothing.  It should
> be possible to log in without interfering with anyone else's work,
> and then be able to switch the console between active users.

In fact, one of my favorite parts about GNOME 2 is that it makes this
*really* easy.  GDM 2 adds two menu entries.  One is called "New login
in a nested window" which pops up a new GDM in an Xnest server, and
other called "New login" which locks the current screen with
xscreensaver, and then runs GDM on the next available VT.  When you log
out of that new session, you're popped back to the previous session, so
it's a lot like a stack.

I think actually in Windows XP the screensaver serves both roles; it
locks the screen, and also allows you to log in as a different user. 
I'm not sure exactly how we would implement this.

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