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Re: [desktop] Real users experience.

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 05:04:23PM +0200, Jesus Climent wrote:
> Unified login. Since it was a common computer they tend to leave the
> session open. I set different account for each of them, but they left
> them open (rushing for the bus/other reasons) and when other user came
> and could not find the bookmarks he/she left, they were puzzled.

I think the puzzlement could be reduced by making each user's session
look significantly different -- for example, by making it easy to
choose a favourite color scheme, or a different background.

If you're helping them install, you could do this for each new user.

> For the one of them who closed other's sessions, was acused of closing
> applicacions with unsaved work on them, so they had to redo it.

This sounds like it might be better solved in another way.  I mean,
we don't have a multi-user operating system for nothing.  It should
be possible to log in without interfering with anyone else's work,
and then be able to switch the console between active users.

This is actually my biggest beef with xdm and friends.  They're not
set up for this at all, and I've often needed to "borrow a window"
on someone else's machine, or have others asked this from me. 
It would be much better (more secure and comfortable) to borrow a

Richard Braakman
"I sense a disturbance in the force"
"As though millions of voices cried out, and ran apt-get."
  (Anthony Towns about the Debian 3.0 release)

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