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[desktop] Real users experience.


I put a computer with Debian 3.0 for my flatmates (windows users) and
the most noticeable things they commenteed were:

* 1st and most important.

The fonts. The installation selected the highest possible resolution so
everything looked small and almost unreadable. Mr Joe Average should be
able to change that. 

Hopefully with RandR extensions introduced in XFree86 4.3 this can be 

The fonts did not have AA by default. And that was also a no-no. Used to
the nice AA in Windows some pages looked ugly.

Lack (or poor) Java/JavaScript support. Some pages kept on crashing, and
loading netscape solved most of those problems, but introduced the
netscape-fonts problem.

Application names. Aethera/Mozilla/Galeon/TheGIMP/Evolution/... don't
mean a thing for a non /. reader. Things like 
 Web Browser (Mozilla)
 Image Editor (The Gimp)
 Mail Reader (Evolution)

would help. As a side note, should be something you can switch off for
the power users (I do not want to look for a web browser, i go for

Unified login. Since it was a common computer they tend to leave the
session open. I set different account for each of them, but they left
them open (rushing for the bus/other reasons) and when other user came
and could not find the bookmarks he/she left, they were puzzled.

For the one of them who closed other's sessions, was acused of closing
applicacions with unsaved work on them, so they had to redo it.

(At this point one of them ask me how could anyone write a document
under linux and save the whole «applicacion» on a diskette to open the
same document on a windows machine, so I decided to put the computer
with windows back into use... The test will continue).



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