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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

I've read some of the things all of you have written about this topic,
but not all(i get like 100 emails/day about this thing now!). Anyway... this
is how i would like it.

The menu should be based on category directories(like Office), describing
names and tooltips.

<< example gnome menu >>

- Write a document (abiword)
- ..

- Surf the web (galeon)
- Read e-mail (sylpheed)

- Terminal Emulator (gnome-terminal)

- Play a movie (xine)

KDE [dir]
Debian [dir]

About "advanced mode", wy do we need it?

I do not see the need for a distinction between "advanced" and "basic"
for these menu's... I'd would like if DeDe did create desktop that in
it's default form can be accepted by both experienced and novice users.
That means among other things that the possibility to access all other
applications on the system should be almost(Debian menu, Gnome/KDE menu) as
easy as accessing those applications that are naive(or best-of-breed apps
like gimp) to the desktop enviorment.

I, as a quite experienced user, would never give an application a name like
"Surf the web" myself, but nor would i have anything against using
debian-desktop defaults that where that way.

As there are always people who will think this debian-desktop setup is just
outrageous, there should of course be some easy way to switch to the
kde/gnome/wmaker/icewm/... default menu if the user really want that! =)

Joakim Kolsjö

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