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Re: [Internal projects] Common development in subprojects

Hi Tarmo,
sorry for the long delay in replying you,

Il 19/10/2002 alle 20:04:02, +0300, Tarmo Toikkanen ha scritto:

> Have you considered creating your own Debian based installation?
> Using Progeny Graphical Installer (apt-get install pgi) you can hook

We are actually debating right now which installr to use.
My personal *ideological* feeling goes for debian-installer, because it 
is an internal project.

Pgi is not bad at all and i think is on a more advanced developing stage 
right now, i might be wrong, we simply start right now to study both 

Fact is that our *foixed* deadline is November 30, and at that point we 
need to have a realese with installer....so we will pick for now the one 
that will give us less work to get it to work.


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