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[Internal projects] Common development in subprojects

the ususal standard disclamier:
sorry for the incorrect use of debian-devel we are in the proecess, i 
guess, of getting a debian subprojects mailing list set up soon.

 while making plans for next DeMuDi steps, after the 0.9 release in 
 November, i noticed that some of the future projects i have in mind 
 for DeMuDi have some common ground with other subprojects.
 So maybe we could join forces in these two tasks:
 junior-music/demudi-junior and edu-music/demudi-edu
 The majority of the resources for next step will be anyway devoted to 
 fixing before the 1.0 release in April, plus, starting porting to more 
 platforms (alpha, risc, ppc, 64-bit machines etc.).
 Let me know,

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