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Re: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/25/2002 12:43 PM, Manoj Srivastava at srivasta@debian.org wrote:

> I am concerned that there is no effort being invested to help
> this process of discovery; and so much effort is being spent on the
> initial simplicity that there is no room for the transition that
> comes from familiarity and exploration.  The initial ease of use
> would become a strait jacket. Unless the barrier to accessing more
> complete menus is lowered.

Agreed.  There needs to be a smooth pathway for those newbies who want to
explore and learn more.  Those interested in just pure functionality can
stick to the "Basic Menu" and Just Use the computer.  Those who want to
explore, should be able to do so, and thereby learn about the rich variety
available in the free software world, as you put it.

I will post in a few days an idea for a menu design element that I think can
help accomplish this.  Must think it through and write it out first though.

Luke Seubert

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