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Re: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks


        To expand on my ideas about why paring may not be synonymous
 with user friendliness; when it comes to decisions on paring, there
 mayt be different opinionswhat is the best of breed app. Perhaps the
 paring mechanism needs be policy driven. I would like to plug in new
 user menu selection policies, and use someone elses opinion about
 best of breed and how the menus expand on demand, offering more
 choices as we go on.

	The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that there
 *MUST* be help for the user to transition from a newbie to one
 familiar with the system, and finally to expert.

	I am thinking that user friendliness may be to have someone
 like a wine critic, offering opinions on great vintages, to tell you
 how to select between apps, perhaps pointing to the best of the lot,
 and telling you why if indeed you cared? 

	So initially the menu offers web browser, and you can call it
 up, and a web browser starts, depending on current policy.

	But you can expand the entry, and it expands into two
 panels in the same menu  graphical: mozilla, galeon, konq, phoenix, opera
 text:  links and lynx

	The problem is not choices: the problem is presentation, and
 prioritization, and a major lack of coherence (I should find similar
 apps on the same menu panel, not deep down in different heirarchies).

	If I am using Gnome, perhaps the gnome apps bubble to the top,
 and perhaps all unexpanded menus show only gnome apps; expanding the
 entry shows kde apps at the bottom of the list.

	again, I exhort people in the desktop effort to think about
 presentation, not limiting choices, and also about helping the user
 learn about the system, and extract the maximal benefit of the power
 under the hood, _at their own pace_.

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