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Re: [desktop] The Debian Desktop Project (was: Re: Make Debian better (Re: Two Debian 3.0 reviews at Slashdot))

On 10/25/2002 10:44 AM, Keith G. Murphy at keithmur@mindspring.com wrote:

> Luke Seubert wrote:
>> That said, I did post a query in this forum asking if Debian Desktop should
>> consider offering, during the install, IceWM tweaked to look like Win95/98
>> so that folks coming over from Windows would immediately be in a comfort
>> zone and quickly productive.  Haven't heard any response to that idea yet.
>> Heh, heresy met with silence :-)
> Oh, I missed that one.  Yes, I *like* the idea.
Hurray!  Somebody loves me!  ;-)

OK, OK.  Silliness mode is now <off>

> Yes, I run Win98 at work, and IceWM at home.
OK, now let me play devil's advocate in opposition to my own idea presented

You use Win98 at work, and IceWM at home - switching back and forth.
Somebody else earlier in these [desktop] threads said that if different GUIs
are *too* similar in appearance, then the user expects them to behave
EXACTLY the same.  Good point.

Do you personally run into problems as you switch from Win98 to an IceWM
that is configured to *look* like Win98, but which doesn't always *exactly
act* like Win98?  Does the similar UI subconsciously trip up your brain into
expecting idential behavior, and then problems arise when IceWM doesn't do
things exacly as Win98 does?

If this is a big problem, maybe we should scrap my idea of offering GUIs
that look almost exactly like Win98 or WinXP.  Maybe we should offer
standard Linux GUIs (with Debian themes of course ;-) that look different
enough from Win 98/XP, so that users will consciously and subconsciously
expect slightly different behavior.

Your thoughts?

> Luke, consistent and (dare I say it) Windows(Mac?)-like
> handling of the clipboard might be an issue for DebDesk to look at.
There is a common standard for clipboard behavior.  KDE and Gnome are there,
if I am not mistaken.  Pity that bloatware Mozilla is not :-/

Luke Seubert

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