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Re: [desktop] Real users experience.

On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 11:04, Jesus Climent wrote:

> The fonts. The installation selected the highest possible resolution so
> everything looked small and almost unreadable. Mr Joe Average should be
> able to change that. 

For all applications using the GNOME 2 platform, this is easily fixed. 
I assume the same thing is true of recent versions of KDE.

> The fonts did not have AA by default. And that was also a no-no. Used to
> the nice AA in Windows some pages looked ugly.

I think AA will be the default in later versions of GNOME.

> Lack (or poor) Java/JavaScript support. Some pages kept on crashing, and
> loading netscape solved most of those problems, but introduced the
> netscape-fonts problem.

Mostly Mozilla related stuff.

> Application names. Aethera/Mozilla/Galeon/TheGIMP/Evolution/... don't
> mean a thing for a non /. reader. Things like 
>  Web Browser (Mozilla)
>  Image Editor (The Gimp)
>  Mail Reader (Evolution)

Yes, we're working on this.

> Unified login. Since it was a common computer they tend to leave the
> session open. I set different account for each of them, but they left
> them open (rushing for the bus/other reasons) and when other user came
> and could not find the bookmarks he/she left, they were puzzled.

What do you mean by "Unified login"?

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