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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 8:13 PM, Matt Zimmerman at mdz@debian.org wrote:

> Indeed, if we were to follow that convention, a menu could have at most
> about 100 menu entries for programs...my system has 95 if I exclude doc-base
> entries, and I very much doubt that those fall neatly into a logical
> hierarchy when restricted to 5 items per menu.
> Perhaps we need to prioritize these things, so that users who only care
> about their 10 or so office/web/mail applications can get to them without
> wading through a lot of things that they don't care about.

Agreed.  The goal is, as much as possible, to present menu entries that are
the most widely used for the most people.  As you said, office, web, email,

Less frequently used apps are either deeply nested, or don't appear at all.

For example, I like to use Xephem, a planetarium program.  So I would
customize my personal menu to make it easy to get to and load up Xephem.
But very few ordinary users are interested in Xephem.  They just want the
regular, most commonly used programs.

Debian Desktop is designed to appeal to the common masses of computer user,
while still permitting the traditional "geek" Debian user to customize to
his heart's content.

Luke Seubert

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