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Re: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

Chris Lawrence wrote:

> You can bolt Debian menus onto the side... but frankly I'd just drop
> their menus (and KDE's) and use our own by default.  (At least this
> would be equal-opportunity anti-desktop action on our part ;-)

I strongly favor this. With GNOME 1.0, where there was a user option to
display only the Debian menus, I did exactly that. I am midly annoyed
that GNOME 2 forces me to go to the bottom of its utterly useless menu
to get to a Debian submenu.

If we want to be optimally friendly to everyone (including our own
users), then perhaps the menu package could have a debconf option to
choose between Debian menus only vs. GNOME/KDE menus with Debian in a
submenu as we have it now.


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