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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

Craig Dickson wrote:

It seems to me that if the menu contains everything, it's doing its job.
Perhaps what we really need is some standardized tools for setting up
one-click launchers under various window managers/desktop environments.
Moving something from the gnome menu to the panel is easy enough, but
it's still a manual operation; configuring dock apps is a bit trickier
for the less-technical user, since it usually involves editing a config
file, the syntax for which could be almost any conceivable format. If
there were a simple, scriptable tool that could take a specified menu
entry and put it in a launcher's config file (presumably via an
interface similar to what the Debian menu system already uses for
setting up menus for different window managers), then it would be easy
for an admin to write a script to set up a company-standard launcher
panel/dock app for every machine under his control.

Speaking as a user, I like this idea a lot, vs. the simple+exhaustive menu dual hierarchy.

Or, one exhaustive menu hierarchy with a way to make individual items visible/non-visible, with good defaults, maybe even set interactively during install. Also, a GUI way to mark everything visible temporarily would be nice.

But really, I like Craig's idea better.  My $.02.

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