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RE: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks


>> Meanwhile, mlterm seems a good choice for a universal Desktop Debian
>> terminal program unless other considerations suggest otherwise.

>I'd like to second this.

>xterm is better than because:
> - it has tektronix emulation
> - it's, well, stable

>gnome-terminal (and also konsole) is better than mlterm because:
> - it has multiple tabbed terminal windows
> - it has font selection built-in
> - it doesn't need config files (that could be counted as a drawback by
>   Unix enthusiasts)
> - it can handle multiple profiles

Another feature of fluxbox is that you can have mutiple tabbed terminal (but
only for terminals applications are involved too)
And there is no problem to use xterm :)

Of course, you have to drag & drop one terminal towards another one but
maybe we can 
configure it to have it directly ? 


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