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Re: Bug#166104: please recompile using wxwindows2.3

On Thursday 24 October 2002 09:47, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Thus I suggest moving tipptrainer with a does not compile (on all
> architectures error) into unstable for the moment.  
> I put the diff.gz and dsc including the buildlog (also attached to this
> mail to
> kurs.cpp:166: parse error before `{'
> kurs.cpp:172: parse error before `public'

the class wxWizardPageSimple is not known at that point because you have to 
#define wxUSE_WIZARDDLG 1
before including <wx/wizard.h> . This behaviour is not documented anywhere, 
as a quick grep through /usr/share/doc/wxwin2.3-doc tells me (which btw fails 
to install alongside wxwin2.2-doc ....). 

All other stuff is related to default arguments. They result from 
   void somfun(bool yes = true);
and source:
   void somfun(bool yes = true){...}
The source needs to be
   void somfun(bool yes) {...}


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