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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 4:57 AM, STOJICEVIC Edi EXPSIA at Edi.Stojicevic@socgen.com

> Did you try fluxbox ? The menu are quite well organized and there is a big
> subdirectory named apps which contains many sections like editors, graphics,
> shells, etc ...

Well, Debian Desktop will probably set things up so that a conventional menu
like that is available to those users who want it.  It might be called
"Advanced Menu" or something like that.

But Debian Desktop is looking for something really elegant and simple for
the newbie too, maybe a toggle choice called "Basic Menu".  And such a menu
really shouldn't have multiple terminal emulators or shells or editors - too
much of that stuff just confuses the newbie.  The idea is to pick a best of
breed for each of those application categories, and others, and present that
as a nice, simple default choice.

Of course, this will irritate the more advanced users, but then, they can
simply switch over to the "Advanced Menu" more suitable for their desires.

Luke Seubert

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