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Re: [desktop] Linuxin GNU/Linux and Debian Desktop

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, Luke Seubert wrote:

> > There is a project based in Debian Woody called Linuxin[1] which is an
> > Spanish distro aimed to the desktop. They have made some interesting
> > things, and I think that it could be great that some of the problems
> > solved for it could be used in Debian Desktop. After all, Linuxin
> > itself will benefit greatly from a subproject like DD.
> >
> Many thanks for the suggestion.  I have downloaded the Linuxin1.0r1 .iso
> file and will look it over.  I hope my poor Spanish can get me through the
> install process ;-) Hopefully other folks participating in the UI design of
> Debian Desktop will do the same, so that various good ideas can get spread
> around.
> It would be great if both projects could cross-pollinate, so to speak, and
> assist each other with ideas and innovations.
I would really love it if people would start to understand that it would be
the lowest effort to add good things INTO Debian instead of trying to
fork and add good things afterwards.  Why not working on internationalisation
OF DEBIAN and instead adding it to a fork.  Those people waste their time
by building a separate infra structure outside Debian.  They invent things
which they could have for free.

Adding things missing in Debian might be a hard job for the moment but
it is worth the effort for the future.

Please double read my talk about Debian internal projects at


and let the Linuxin people read it.  Debian really needs internationalisation
and it would be great if those people would spend their time FOR Debian
and gain profit for their own goal in doing this.

Kind regards


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